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Unique Robot Window Glass Cleaner, Window Cleaning robot with Anti-falling,Remote Control

Main Features:

1.App operation is simpler and more convenient;

2. Strong suction.
3. Artificial Intelligent technology applied.
4. Long distance remote controller.
5. Can be used on framed and frameless window.

6. Auto stop after work completed.
7. Specially designed fiber mopping cloth.
8. Built in Uninterruptible Power System(UPS).
9. Highly reliable anti-falling algorithm.
10. Auto and manual remote control.
11. High strength safety rope holds up to 150kgf.



Clean speed:2min/square meter
Remote control:yes
APP: yes
Clean model:automatic
Work noise:≤60dB
Suction cup: Yes
Power switch key: hidden design
Cleaning mode: 3 types (N, Z, N+Z)
Applicable type: home office leisure place, Vertical planes such as
windows, glass doors, vanity mirrors, tiles, curtain walls, walls, etc.


95.000 Kwd