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Ultra Quiet Muscle Massage Device, Massage Gun Deep Tissue for Athletes Helps Relieve Muscle Pain and Muscle Tension; Trigger Point Massager, Massager for Parents and Seniors

  • Are you looking for a simple self-massage tool that can work on almost every muscle in your body?
  • HEALTHY LIVING - The massage gun will wake up your mind and leave a shapelier than ever.Through, deep and powerful vibration stimulation, relax fascia and hard muscles, relieve soft tissues, accelerate blood circulation and defeating lactic acid.
  • PROFESSIONAL - Specially designed 4 massage heads that each massage head needs to be used in the way it goes. For a comfortable experience, use it according to your needs. Professional and powerful high-torque brushless motor reduces noise, penetrates deep muscle groups of approximately 0.5 inches (12 mm) deep, and each hitting is just right.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Lightweight (2.2lbs), ergonomically designed for easy self-myofascial release!
  • FEAEURES-1, Soft Tissue Pain Relief 2. Promotes muscle recovery 3. Stimulates muscle growth. 4. Improve blood circulation. 5. Quickly strengthen the range of motion. 6. Reduces muscle stretching. 7. Improve muscle responsiveness.


55.000 Kwd