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  • Teeth Treasury is every child's dream, young children have always wanted to keep their teeth after extraction and never give them up, and that's what they will get when they buy this product.

Teeth Treasury sppecifications

  • Keep your child's teeth as special memories from each molar and tooth. Give him this precious gift now or keep it until he grows up to bring back the best memories and days.
  • Teeth Treasury is a box that comes in two different shapes for both sexes, and contains cavities for the upper and lower jaws in which the teeth are placed.
  • It also contains several detailed medical information, such as the type of blood type.

Teeth Treasury features

  • Unisex designs.
  • It has various medical information inside.
  • It protects the teeth from long-term damage.
  • easy to use.


5.000 Kwd 2.500 Kwd

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