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Perhaps she will respond - Mishaal Hamad

Perhaps it will respond to those distant wishes, those impossible dreams, those incomplete thoughts, we were and still are repeating those confused words that fall disappointed with the first test in this harsh life sometimes.. The sun of a new day carries with it public and private hopes and aspirations that we wish for, but those aspirations are rarely completed because what we lack to complete the painting is the invisible part inside us. I hope for nothing but that these days pass in peace.. in peace only..! Sorry, always cruel.. It is time for me to realize my dreams, and if the hope is long, the dream remains, despite the nose of my failures.. There is no impossible, and I have complete confidence in the Lord, Glory be to Him, the Noble One does not return a hand that extends to His Majesty. My heart is the one who will force me and make up for all my failures.. after every pain there is hope..God helps


5.000 Kwd