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Ldnio SC10610 with USB electric Universal

  • LDNIO SC10610 Universal 10 port + 1PD + 1QC + 4 USB 2500W Fast Charge Power Socket EU/US/UK
  • This desktop design charging station surge protector comes equipped with 6 USB ports and 10 AC outlets for maximum usage in one convenient location. The large gadget holder makes it easy to charge your device comfortably and safely on your desk.
  • The power switch lets you quickly and safely control the flow of electricity with a single touch & 2m heavy-duty power cord allows you to keep the power strip in an unobtrusive location while making sure it reaches your devices.
  • Ideal For Connecting to: Ideal for Connoting to appliances, computers, laptops, printers, modems, speakers. Silvering new standard jack, can be use in the mainstream electrical plugs, elastic strong, less heat, high safety, insert and extract  times in normal using will not be loose.
  • PC and abs top fireproofing, anaerobic flame retardant, conform to the 750 c hot wire not burning  heat not deformation. USB intelligent charging, unique super charge TM intelligent fast charging technology, each USB port can automatically identify the mobile phone, tablet, power bank etc USB devices, automatic compatible without adaptation, and automatically assigned  to supply for the best current. All of charging, one is enough.
  • Support one device  fast charging, automatic identification device, and matching charging intelligently, high compatibility, can be used for charging for any brand in the home of the smart phone tablet, digital camera etc.


14.000 Kwd