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Bestway Power Steel Comfort Jet Series 20' X 12' X 48"/6.10M X 3.66M X 1.22M Oval Pool Set

Bestway Power Steel Comfort Jet Series Pools are large, durable and provide a unique massage experience. Two built-in spray nozzles produce concentrated water jet streams for a soothing massage every time you use the pool, along with LED lights that add to the ambiance.

Plus, a durable, puncture-resistant Tritech liner and corrosion-resistant steel frame with Seal & Lock System make this pool series strong and sturdy for backyard use all season long. Massage experience, classy design and durability - the Comfort Jet Series from Bestway has everything pool lovers are looking for.


m 1.22*3.66*6.10
With water dispenser and water engine, jet system and lighting
Interior, filter, pump, drawer and cover




SKU R7v8kd

340.000 Kwd