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  • Airpod hook keeps the headphones secure on the ear while you are working, exercising, or while you are out for a walk, etc.
  • Airpod hook specifications
  • This white airpod hook comes in the form of a hook that can be attached to the ear, which will protect the headphones and keep them on the ear during various activities.
  • Moreover, it's easy to use, comfortable, and non-irritating.
  • The rubber material protects the ear from scratches and reduces the surrounding noise.
  • So, If you are looking for comfort, design, and quality, we recommend this airpod hook.

Airpod hook features

  • Made of high strength, quality and environmentally friendly materials.
  • Long-lasting due to it's special materials.
  • Complete ear protection.
  • it reduces the ambient noise.
  • There are 6 colors of the product available, not just the white one.


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